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I joined this community about 2 years ago. I was sure this was the answer to gold storage and worldwide access to our money, One month ago I requested some gold and silver redemption and the money was taken from my account and confirmation given. They told me in the email that shippment should be 2-3 business days. I have a string of emails from Jake Wang and many phone calls to Daniel....all telling me there are busy periods when our shipments could be delayed. After 1 month this answer is just unacceptable to me. My account has been debited $15,000 and I have been shipped NOTHING! I would like to know where I should turn at this point to get this resolved. I hope this is only a glitch because of "GROWING PAINS" and not something I should be contacting the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network about. I still love the concept of GM but can't allow others to have such control over my money or physical redemptions. Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hello @artshark . It seems like you are already in contact with the Relationship Managers so there isn’t much I can add.

    You might try emailing support again ATTN: Richard. Richard is the senior RM at Goldmoney and I know others in the Community have contacted him with positive results.

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    I will try that ASAP!! Thanks for your immediate attention! will post my results.
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    @artshark hope you get the issue resolved soon. please do post result when you get chance.
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    I did get a reply from the "SENIOR RELATIONSHIP MANAGER RICHARD" this morning. He apologized for the delay and said GM has faced a "SLIGHT PROCESSING DELAY WITH THE PHYSICAL ORDERS" He assured me the backorders are being processed and I should receive tracking info in the next few days. I am thrilled just to get a response and will take him at his word. This is one month after my order was placed to redeem for physical. I feel the delivery of our physical metals should be paramount on GM's agenda. Thank you again Goldmatters, its great to have a liaison when it is really needed. I will update again when the metals are actually shipped.
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    I’m glad to hear this @artshark !
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    Can you let the community know the process and is there anything that can help with a redemption process. I believe a kilo bar is how the gold is stored so asking for one of those assuming you have that 1Kg of gold available to redeem is the best way for a redemption.
    Is it now Schiff Gold ships the gold or the vault or who?
    Is it best to request certain amount of ounces or gram weigh or so that matter. I.e is some easier and more readily available than others?
    Are certain times of the year better or worse for redemptions?
    Lastly is this a sign that the gold market is very tight for supply to say it takes a month for GM to get smaller gold quantities to redeem against stored larger bars which would be positive from a certain perspective but not ideal if you are the one redeeming.

    Thanks in advance @IrishGuy
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    Hello @IrishGuy . Those are great questions . The best place for a question like that is [email protected] . It would be best for you to get the most detailed answer straight from the horses mouth, plus they might have follow up questions to your original question.

    Offering my opinion, I don’t think I would read into anything regarding overall global gold demand. Personal redemptions relative to the size of the overal gold market would be minute.

    Having said that, the gold price (USD) has shown strength recently, which is generally good news for all involved here (unless you are a buyer!)

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