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Anyone got experience with Kinesis ?


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    I haven't checked lately but I don't think they're up and running just yet for operational trading accounts.
    However, you can register and establish an account whereby for the time being you can log-in and receive updates and information resources.
    - Once Kinesis goes operational, it's looking like it will be a game changer for on-line metals buying, holding & selling platforms.
    (i.e. Everything that Goldmoney wanted to be.. and more!).

    Register to get full info about Kinesis system and the pending start date for the trading accounts. (last word was sometime in May !)
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    @Mr_Troy_Oz I'm pretty sure it's operational. I had a conversation with an employee there about it. The system seems for sure very interesting. There are however, previous similar models that have failed due to shady auditing and some other reasons.
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    @Gadsilla .. tried to post links to Kinesis page re: trading platform start date, but links and post were quickly taken down!!
    - Not all aspects are operational just yet other than ICO promotions etc. The trading platform is set to start operations on July 1st.

    Andrew Maguire is a proponent of the Kinesis system >>
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    @Gadsilla - Re Kinesis: One more try.. >>

    I can see it, not removed. Thank you.
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    AML and KYC will eat them, good luck with that.
    I recently got international business payments to my gold suppliers flagged for money laundering and frozen by Transferwise even though payments are backed by invoices and my company is a licensed gold dealer. I don't want to be in their skin when problems will start. It was painful enough for Goldmoney with the holdings.
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    Regulations will always be a pain like that.
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